Be A Reseller | Sell And Earn From Home

Earn from home is not annoying today as it was few years ago. Now almost everyone is aware of this term “Work From Home” because of many IT companies. So the similar term “Earn From Home” is also well known.

Here this post is about reseller business that you can start from your home. The main part is, you do not need any other equipment other than your phone. Also no paper work you required. Of course verification is required to get paid all your hard earned money.

What is this business?

This is selling business. Wait, you are not going to sell products home to home (physically) but virtually.

You will be called a reseller. And best part here is, you do not need to purchase any products before selling it. So here you save money and power. You will need an image of product and start distributing among your community and then you sell it.

Basic requirements

  • Basic registration to the company that is providing you the products to resell.
  • Verify with phone and your bank account.
  • No GST number (if you are not creating an e-commerce website)

From where I can get the products to resell?

There are many companies that are providing reselling business opportunities to normal people. And anyone can start this reseller business for those who are eligible to do business. See the company below and join free.

How to promote the products?

After a quick registration on apps, you are ready to share the products anywhere. Facebook, instagram or even your wahtsapp group.

Find a product and share to any social media where you think people will response.

You have to see the prizes and set your margin to earn. Here you can cut your earning in initial period so you will get more regular customers.

Social sites: You can promote on social sites without any restrictions. GST is not required if you are doing this on social sites without paid promotion.

When someone shows interest on your shared products, they will ask you the price. Now you tell the price and ask their name and address to deliver the products.

As social sites are free to use you would have to put your own effort to make more sale. focus own branding and good response to the customer will help a lot.

Own online store: Another best way to promote the products is, create your own online store. Here you will require GST number.

This is very impressive and you will have the full control on promoting. Better you get a niche (special category to sell) to get attention.

Becoming a seller on top eCommerce sites: The same can be done on Amazon, Flipkart and other sites. By getting a seller account on a top eCommerce site will give you a high response and you can get more attention.

Yes, you will have more privilege to promote your products there. Like Amazon service will help you grow and appear on product search result. They have their own strategy that can help you a lot to achieve you goal by paying a decent amount.


Free to join and one can earn upto 25,000 per month and more. Fill the details and make your brand. You can working in same day.

User friendly interface so you do not have to hustle for the products and its details. When you are ready to share, see the prize and MRP just below it. Now decide your earning margin.

Then click the product fill customer’s name and address. The detail page will have products and customer detail. Now the product will dispatch and will be sent to the address you entered.

Get 30% discount on your 1st order. Use this code: NQUmDuf234


One of the top reseller apps in India. You can make 20,000 INR or even more by selling products. It is very similar to meesho with just a few differences.

You can have your own website so you can sell on web altogether. On website, you do not need to keep watching the customers but yes you can show your activity there. Best practice is to response your visitors with their queries will grow your business.

On the other hand you can keep sharing the products on social sites and WhatsApp groups.

You decide the earing similar to meesho app.

Use this code: SJPT1X

Start today and support your family with a reseller business with zero investment and no physical activity. For better branding, you can open your own app store with digital dukaan a WhatsApp store.

Wish you happy selling from home!


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